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Capturing the Images on your Screen with Printscreen

10 July 2008 One Comment

Often, when working on presentations, lessons etc.. I need an image from a movie clip, website, or still frame from the screen of my computer. This is something easily done within windows with the Printscreen button. Next time you have something on your screen hit the printscreen button while holding down CTRL and ALT. This will save a picture of everything currently on your screen and store it in your clipboard. You can now paste(Right Click>Paste or Edit>Paste) the picture wherever you need it. If you are just wanting a certain part of the picture, you can paste it into your favorite image editing program, crop it, and save it.

This is nice to have when you are reviewing information covered in a video, or are wanting to highlight something from several websites and don’t have time to navigate to each. Plus with image editing tools you can highlight certain areas, make side notes, or arrows.

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  • Mark said:

    You should try Jing (jingproject.com). Best free screen capture utility i’ve found.