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[3 Jun 2008 | Comments Off on SlideShare: A Great Place For Sharing Presentations | ]

I have heard, and maybe said before that if you can tell what a presentation is about by only looking at the slides, then it isn’t an effective presentation. After all, if you and the slides are doing the same thing, then one of you is useless. Right? Well, with the content I have been digging up on SlideShare, I am forced to rethink it.
SlideShare, put simply, is the Youtube of slide presentations. Users of all sorts go there to post their slides from their presentations, and the amount or …

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[27 Nov 2007 | One Comment | ]

Having a classroom blog set up for students to publish their creativity is an incredible way to generate excitement and quality content. But what about when you have hundreds of students or a group of younger students that aren’t quite ready for writing their own articles? Kate from Wisconsin sent in a excellent tip for dealing with such an occasion(in her case 600+ young students).

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[14 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on Classroom 2.0: An Upgrade To Teaching And Learning | ]

Classroom 2.0 isn’t a program or at least any one program. It’s a mindset, a style, a way of encountering the learner, and the learner encountering back. The classroom 1.0 model has teachers in the place of authority-not a bad place to be. The students enter the classroom, receive the knowledge, and then spit it out on a test. Some classes utilize student feedback, but from my experience many either don’t or don’t have the chance. Enter Classroom 2.0.