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[19 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]
Pull Names From Excel Onto your Word Docs.

I was talking to a teacher today that adds their students names to everything they hand out. It sparked my interest enough to delve into the why and how they were doing it. As it turns out, it’s a great way to enforce some accountability. Putting each students name onto each document manually would be a pain though. Solution? One Excel sheet with all of your student names, and merging them automatically onto multiple individualized copies of your document. The process is a simple mail merge, which is usually used …

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[10 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]

Often, when working on presentations, lessons etc.. I need an image from a movie clip, website, or still frame from the screen of my computer. This is something easily done within windows with the Printscreen button. Next time you have something on your screen hit the printscreen button while holding down CTRL and ALT. This will save a picture of everything currently on your screen and store it in your clipboard. You can now paste(Right Click>Paste or Edit>Paste) the picture wherever you need it. If you are just wanting a certain part …

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[3 Jun 2008 | Comments Off on SlideShare: A Great Place For Sharing Presentations | ]

I have heard, and maybe said before that if you can tell what a presentation is about by only looking at the slides, then it isn’t an effective presentation. After all, if you and the slides are doing the same thing, then one of you is useless. Right? Well, with the content I have been digging up on SlideShare, I am forced to rethink it.
SlideShare, put simply, is the Youtube of slide presentations. Users of all sorts go there to post their slides from their presentations, and the amount or …

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[10 May 2008 | Comments Off on Printing handouts with notes in PowerPoint | ]

Often, teachers will use PowerPoint in their lessons and print off the slides for students. PowerPoint has a few good ways of doing such a task, but printing the slides and including the notes is an option that is slightly elusive since it requires the use of Word.
After you have completed your slide show in PowerPoint and have typed the notes for each slide in the notes area, you can send both to Word to edit. In PowerPoint 2007 the option is under the publish option when hitting the start …

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[8 Nov 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

Once a year…1000 remarkable people gather in Monterey, California to exchange something of incalcuable value, their ideas.
This opening line starts off every one of the 18 minute videos that appear on Ted.com. What are they? They are presentations from some of the greatest minds this world has to offer, covering a vast array of topics. They take place once a year in Monterey, California and are then shared via the web. The value in this is huge.

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[19 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on PowerPoint: Students Use Pecha Kucha To Streamline Presentations | ]

Student presentations usually fall into a couple of areas. Either they have way, way too much content-usually stuffed into just a few slides, or they have too little content. Usually, this is because students don’t get a lot of exposure to learning about presentation technique or get to see many quality presenters. Some teachers have combated this by showing clips from Ted talks which has some incredible presenters on a wide variety of content. And others spend time coaching their students on their presentations. Lately, I’ve noticed some teachers exploring …