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[11 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on Going Deeper with Google Forms: Sample Teacher Observation Form and Dashboard | ]
Going Deeper with Google Forms: Sample Teacher Observation Form and Dashboard

Google Forms are incredible! There’s so many uses for them, and they make collecting information so easy. But collecting data, and displaying usable data can be two totally different things. Three things can help with this. Google’s built in response summaries are fantastic ways to chart a lot of data. The second option lives in the add-ons through the add-ons manager. Something like Flubaroo can help you manage grading pretty easily. But it’s the third option that really gets in there when you need a more granular approach, and that …

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[7 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on How We Schedule Students into Constantly Changing Classes Bi-Weekly with Office 365 Excel | ]
How We Schedule Students into Constantly Changing Classes Bi-Weekly with Office 365 Excel

When Danville High School entered in the Districts of Innovation status a few years back, an idea was conceived to create courses that met twice a week during the last period of the day. There was a twist, though. These classes would be constantly changing to cater to the diverse needs and passions of our students. Some of these classes would be long term, and others would be one and done. This created a challenge in logistics. Scheduling ¬†students up to twice a week into these classes would mean there …

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[19 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]
Pull Names From Excel Onto your Word Docs.

I was talking to a teacher today that adds their students names to everything they hand out. It sparked my interest enough to delve into the why and how they were doing it. As it turns out, it’s a great way to enforce some accountability. Putting each students name onto each document manually would be a pain though. Solution? One Excel sheet with all of your student names, and merging them automatically onto multiple individualized copies of your document. The process is a simple mail merge, which is usually used …

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[1 May 2008 | Comments Off on Saving flash animations from websites | ]

Flash animations can be found all over the web, and several can be very useful in the classroom-especially with interactive white boards. But what would happen if the site that offers it were to go offline, get blocked, or delete the video?? For these moments, it would be great to have a copy of it saved locally on your own computer, and with a little elbow grease it can happen. Here’s how.

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[21 Jan 2008 | Comments Off on Outlook Tip#3 Assigning Rules | ]

Generally, most teachers will have everything that comes via email go right into their inbox folder, which isn’t the best idea when it comes to organization. It would be like having a giant box and having all of your paperwork tossed into it without paperclips, folders, etc…¬† It doesn’t have to be this way with email.

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[5 Jan 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Managing a class of students in a computer lab or a classroom with multiple student computers can often be a hassle. Anytime students have the option of choosing between a computer screen and the teacher, they will often choose the computer. Needless to say, you will have a rogue student playing solitaire, visiting other websites,  or just basically goofing off. Enter iTALC.

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[7 Dec 2007 | 5 Comments | ]

It’s true that a computer can have a huge positive impact on the classroom, but sometimes these machines misbehave. One crashed computer can mean months(often years) of hard work are gone forever.
Scenario: You arrive at school ready to take on the day. You go to turn on the computer and get a strange error message or blank screen. Windows never boots, and the thought of all those important files being erased strikes a chill down your spine.
The good news is that in almost all cases those files are still savable. …