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[7 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on How We Schedule Students into Constantly Changing Classes Bi-Weekly with Office 365 Excel | ]
How We Schedule Students into Constantly Changing Classes Bi-Weekly with Office 365 Excel

When Danville High School entered in the Districts of Innovation status a few years back, an idea was conceived to create courses that met twice a week during the last period of the day. There was a twist, though. These classes would be constantly changing to cater to the diverse needs and passions of our students. Some of these classes would be long term, and others would be one and done. This created a challenge in logistics. Scheduling  students up to twice a week into these classes would mean there …

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[10 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]

Often, when working on presentations, lessons etc.. I need an image from a movie clip, website, or still frame from the screen of my computer. This is something easily done within windows with the Printscreen button. Next time you have something on your screen hit the printscreen button while holding down CTRL and ALT. This will save a picture of everything currently on your screen and store it in your clipboard. You can now paste(Right Click>Paste or Edit>Paste) the picture wherever you need it. If you are just wanting a certain part …

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[6 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Seemless Exploration of the Universe With Microsofts’s Worldwide Telescope | ]

Google has had an option now in Google Earth that allows for exploration of the night sky through Google Sky, but Microsoft’s new Worldwide Telescope may be a stronger player in the game.
Microsoft’s Worldwide Telescope offers students, teachers and astronomy buffs a chance to seemelessly explore the night sky through a virtual telescope. It allows you to choose from several options including views from the Hubble, Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center, Spitzer Space Telescope or others. But one of the greatest features that I have seen are it’s tours. The application …

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[1 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]

As attendees of one of BrainPop’s presentations were discussing some of the cool ways that they were using BP in their classrooms, I had a chance to pick up an awesome tip. Monica Nahas, an Instructional Technology Specialist, mentioned that Readwritethink.org has a tool for creating your own comics, and it could be used to create your own BrainPop styled comics.
Taking this tip, I decided to check it out. The tool is simple, and probably best for younger students, but I could imagine that even …

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[1 May 2008 | Comments Off on Saving flash animations from websites | ]

Flash animations can be found all over the web, and several can be very useful in the classroom-especially with interactive white boards. But what would happen if the site that offers it were to go offline, get blocked, or delete the video?? For these moments, it would be great to have a copy of it saved locally on your own computer, and with a little elbow grease it can happen. Here’s how.

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[21 Jan 2008 | Comments Off on Outlook Tip#3 Assigning Rules | ]

Generally, most teachers will have everything that comes via email go right into their inbox folder, which isn’t the best idea when it comes to organization. It would be like having a giant box and having all of your paperwork tossed into it without paperclips, folders, etc…  It doesn’t have to be this way with email.

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[5 Jan 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Managing a class of students in a computer lab or a classroom with multiple student computers can often be a hassle. Anytime students have the option of choosing between a computer screen and the teacher, they will often choose the computer. Needless to say, you will have a rogue student playing solitaire, visiting other websites,  or just basically goofing off. Enter iTALC.

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[7 Dec 2007 | 5 Comments | ]

It’s true that a computer can have a huge positive impact on the classroom, but sometimes these machines misbehave. One crashed computer can mean months(often years) of hard work are gone forever.
Scenario: You arrive at school ready to take on the day. You go to turn on the computer and get a strange error message or blank screen. Windows never boots, and the thought of all those important files being erased strikes a chill down your spine.
The good news is that in almost all cases those files are still savable. …

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[3 Oct 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

To some, a classroom webpage is simply one that students or parents can log into and view basic details about your class. At least at my school this has been the case. They usually go up, have a couple of minor changes, then for the most part collect dust. WikiSpaces can change that.