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Classroom Technology on the Cheap

9 October 2007 No Comment

money-small.jpgEveryone knows technology enhances education. When we use what the students are already immersed in, the results are always mind blowing! Unfortunately, the price tag that comes with it is also mind blowing. Maybe you checked out our earlier post on Donorschoose.org where you can submit a need for your school and have donors contribute toward it, and now you are wondering where to start. Well maybe a full blown computer lab is a few steps down the line. So where is the first step and how can you do it cheap?

Josh sent us a tip about how his school uses products from einstruction.com combined with a projector and screen to create some great results. His setup uses their wireless remotes and Examview software to have the students answering questions and getting immediate feedback on their results. It also has the ability to record results for easy grading – something all teachers can appreciate.

I also have all my tests created with a program called Exam View, and the students take the test by answering with the remotes. This helps me with my grading, I have instant grades (no manual grading for me), the students have instant feedback, and I can use it over every class period and year. – Josh

The product line that they offer is quality in my opinion. I helped a teacher at my school set up one of their wireless chalkboards and it was a fairly simple process. Above that they offer professional development on how to use their products.

Some of the highlights from their product line include wireless remotes for the students, wireless tablets for teachers to use for writing or as a mouse, and software such as the Exam View product we talked about. They have several other resources for teachers which can be found here.

Their Exam View pricing can be found here. And their product line prices can be found here.

Been using these products or similar ones? Let us know in the comments.

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