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Donorschoose.org: Providing Funds for Public Schools

8 October 2007 3 Comments

donorschoose.jpg Donorschoose.org is a non-profit organization aiming at providing a way to fund those things that impact student learning. At the site you can choose to be a donor or submit a proposal for your classroom porject to be listed on their website. People log in, search, and donate to the projects that they find most compelling. With their help over $13,000,000 has been raised to impact student learning. Thanks to Ronald at Ronaldjenkees.com for the tip.


  • joshua said:

    Hey, this is a great finding you have posted! Also just to let you know the hyperlink on the image is incorrect, we get a 404 error.

  • Scott Walker (author) said:

    Great to hear that you found it useful. Thanks for the tip. The link is now fixed!

  • joshua said:

    Scott, if you would, please e-mail me a way to privately e-mail you, i have a suggestion for a story