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eInstruction CPS Has Arrived

23 September 2008 2 Comments

As I have said before, I rarely write about items that come with a price tag unless it offers exceptional value to the classroom. With that in mind, my eInstruction Classroom Performance System has arrived. For those not aware of these systems, sometimes just referred to as clickers, they are wireless handheld remote controls that allow students to not only give real time feedback to the content being covered, but also gain real time results. This type of assessment allows teachers to know whether what they’re covering is being digested, and whether they need to pause and go back or keep moving forward.

There’s obviously a lot more that can be done with this system(attendance, grading homework, voting, etc…) that will be covered as I use and experiment with them in my own classroom. Already using CPS? How are you using it in your classroom? Let your tips fly in the comments… they may make it into the next posts.


  • J. Mullins said:

    Scott Walker,
    You are amazing! We are so lucky to have you at our school!!! Way to go!

  • Crista Anderson said:

    I happened upon your blog via twitter and couldn’t pass up responding to this entry. I just began using our buildings clickers last week (we share one full set). New to the Interwrite Board, I eased myself in with that alone before adding the clickers to the equation. I will definitely be using them routinely as time goes on. I used our Examview Software, which came with our reading program, to develop an interactive Jeopardy-like game reviewing the last three stories from our anthology. Easy! The software provided all questions/answers…I just sorted them into catagories: vocabulary, plot, characters, and author’s purpose. I also used the clickers to administer a grammar quiz reviewing the skills taught this year. Again, to avoid re-inventing the wheel…I used our grammar program’s blackline masters to format questions/answers into CPS. With the on-line products from our Communication Arts Program it was simply a copy/paste exercise. The data I retrieved from the reports function will be very useful as well…

    Have I mentioned the kids LOVED IT!
    Have fun…
    (still learning)~ Crista