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FFTF: Booked Scheduler

29 April 2016 No Comment

Today’s Favorite Free Tool Friday features an incredible self hosted solution for letting teachers sign up for rooms, computers, carts, or any resource really,  from the convenience of anywhere with an internet connection. It rocks.

scheduleBooked Scheduler comes in two flavors. They have a paid hosted version that you can subscribe to for $10/mo, but the flavor I’m most in love with is the one without a price tag. If your school has the server space(just about all do), you can throw Booked Scheduler on it, and customize it until your heart is content. And boy is it customizable. We currently use it to manage the reservations for our labs and carts. When I started here, we were using clipboards which weren’t entirely convenient when you were home planning and realized you needed a lab the next day. I won’t cover the full feature list
, but I do want to hit some of the highlights that have made it a life saver for us.

  • Easy to drag and drop reservations. Writing on a clipboard was easy, so I wanted to be sure the digital version was just as easy.
  • Customizable Time Blocks. One of the biggest reasons I didn’t use an outlook calendar was due to how our A/B Day schedule made it a nightmare. This made it simple. You can even label time frames as 1st period, 2nd period, etc.
  • Calendar Subscriptions. I subscribed to ours via my phone and laptop. Now I know exactly who is in what lab on any given day just by opening my calendar.
  • Email Notifications
  • Time Blocking. Got a time that you don’t want a resource available for testing or other events? Block it off.
  • Frequently updated

There’s a lot to love here. Already using it, leave a comment on what you’re doing with it. Using something else that you love, share that too!

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