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Monitor/Control Computer Lab For Free

5 January 2008 2 Comments

Managing a class of students in a computer lab or a classroom with multiple student computers can often be a hassle. Anytime students have the option of choosing between a computer screen and the teacher, they will often choose the computer. Needless to say, you will have a rogue student playing solitaire, visiting other websites,  or just basically goofing off. Enter iTALC.

iTALC is a free program that allows the teacher to view the screens of every student computer, and even gives them some control over how the students use them. Some of the features this program offers include

  • View what is showing on all student monitors.
  • Freeze student screens to give instruction.
  • Broadcasting your screen on student computers for demonstrations(pop up or full screen)
  • Sending text messages to individual student computers.
  • Remote control student computers to provide live assistance

Here are some screenshots from iTALC’s website.


A program like this could be used in a computer lab setting, but it could also be used to include students that are at home. Or maybe you would prefer to use it for your next PD session to control those rogue teachers, eh? You could also take it up a notch by adding a second monitor to your teacher computer. You could use one screen to monitor student computers, and the other to work on your own.

This program offers functionality that would typically come with very expensive software solutions. Other suggestions for managing computer labs? Leave it in the comments.


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