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Printing handouts with notes in PowerPoint

10 May 2008 No Comment

Often, teachers will use PowerPoint in their lessons and print off the slides for students. PowerPoint has a few good ways of doing such a task, but printing the slides and including the notes is an option that is slightly elusive since it requires the use of Word.

After you have completed your slide show in PowerPoint and have typed the notes for each slide in the notes area, you can send both to Word to edit. In PowerPoint 2007 the option is under the publish option when hitting the start Orb. It should say something like “create handout in Microsoft Word”. In earlier versions you can find it in File>Send To> Word. After telling it you want to edit in Word, it gives you a few options. You can place your notes or blank lines next to your slides if you want three slides per page, or you can put the notes or blank lines under the slides if you want a larger, one slide per page. Editing your handout in Word will give you quite a bit more editing power as opposed to printing the handout straight from PowerPoint.

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