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Pull Names From Excel Onto your Word Docs.

19 March 2009 One Comment

I was talking to a teacher today that adds their students names to everything they hand out. It sparked my interest enough to delve into the why and how they were doing it. As it turns out, it’s a great way to enforce some accountability. Putting each students name onto each document manually would be a pain though. Solution? One Excel sheet with all of your student names, and merging them automatically onto multiple individualized copies of your document. The process is a simple mail merge, which is usually used for adding names from a list of recipients to multiple copies of a letter. It can be easily adapted to our purposes though.

You will need: (This guide uses Office 2003)

1 Word Document (that you want to add the names to)

1 Excel Document (that you wish to pull the names from)

Setting Up the Excel Document

For the purpose of adding names to our Word document, we will want to create an Excel sheet with a column of names. So go ahead and fill in your list of names in Column A. Place the word “names” in the Cell A1as the title.

Working with the Word Document

Open or create the document that you plan on adding the names to. This could be a letter that you want to place each name in as the recipient, or a handout that you want to personalize for each student. With the document open, go ahead and place the cursor where you will want the names to appear.

Step 1 – Unhide the Mail Merge Toolbar. This setting is found under the tools menu.

Tools>Letters and Mailings>Show Mail Merge Toolbar

Step 2 – Tell Word which Excel document you will be pulling the information from by selecting the “Open Data Source” button.

Step 3 – Choose the Excel document that you will be using.

After selecting your Excel file, a Select Table dialogue will pop up. Hit OK.

Step 4 – Select the “Insert Merge Field” button. From this menu, we will tell Word how to pull the data from our Excel file.

A dialogue should a appear with the “Names” column from your Excel sheet. Select “Names”, and hit Insert.

Step 6 – You will now complete the merge by selecting the “Merge to New Document” button. This will make a copy of your document for each name in your list. When finished, you will have a new document that contains every copy. Print and enjoy.

One Comment »

  • Deb Parker said:

    Can you help me?

    All our online student files are in Excel, and I want to lift the list of names and use them in a variety of Word docs — being able to edit, re-arrange, etc. I seem to be able to copy the list, but I can’t seem to “lose” the imbedded excel commands/cells, etc. in the new Word docs. I’ve tried saving as text fiules, etc. No luck.

    Is there any way just to grab the names?