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Saving YouTube Videos to Play in PowerPoint

7 September 2008 3 Comments

We’ve covered the fact that a lot of schools block YouTube, and that there are several videos of interest that might be worth playing in class. In that feature we showed you keepvid.com, which allows you to save the videos so that they can be played apart from the website. This post is going to focus on getting them in a format that will play nicely with PowerPoint.

Downloaded YouTube videos come in either an FLV format or MP4. Neither play in PowerPoint. To be able to work a video into your presentation will require a handy free application call Any-Video-Converter. This program comes complete with a feature that won’t just download the video, but will convert it in a way that will make playable right in your presentation. The following screenshots will walk you through the steps of doing just that.

Before following the steps, download the video converter here.

Step 1:

Visit YouTube and find the video of your choice. On the page that plays it, copy the url in the address bar.

Step 2:

Open Any-Video-Converter and select the YouTube Video icon.

Step 3:

Paste the url of the video into the box that appears. Hit OK when finished.

Step 4:

After clicking ok, the video name and some details will appear in the main window. Right click on it, and select download FLV. A status bar will appear showing the progress of the download. This will download the video, but keep in mind that it is still in a format that will not play in PowerPoint.

Step 5:

After video has finished downloading, select WMV from the dropdown box on the top right of the program window.

Step 6:

Hit the encode button. This will convert your video to a WMV file that can be used in PowerPoint.

Step 7:

When this process has finished, you can find the resulting WMV file in a folder in your My Documents folder. to find it go to My Documents>AnyVideoConverter>WMV.

Step 8:

Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the page where you wish to play the video. In Office 2007, you will hit the Insert tab, and then select Video From File. Use the box to find the file in the location given above. It will ask you whether you want to play the video automatically or upon being clicked. The video will be inserted on the slide where it can be stretched or placed where you want it.

Once placed on the slide, the video is free to be played anywhere, even if YouTube is blocked. Enjoy.


  • helenah said:

    You could also try videoraptor,works also for downloading videos from youtube.

  • Deb White said:

    Will this work with K12LTSP and OpenOffice Presentation?

  • Pat said:

    Your post came just at the right time! We encountered one small glitch. When the file was converted to the .wmv there was extra punctuation (…) in the filename and it would not work properly. Once we renamed the file without the extra … the file worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the specific step-by-step directions.