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SlideShare: A Great Place For Sharing Presentations

3 June 2008 No Comment

I have heard, and maybe said before that if you can tell what a presentation is about by only looking at the slides, then it isn’t an effective presentation. After all, if you and the slides are doing the same thing, then one of you is useless. Right? Well, with the content I have been digging up on SlideShare, I am forced to rethink it.

SlideShare, put simply, is the Youtube of slide presentations. Users of all sorts go there to post their slides from their presentations, and the amount or variety in the topics play in favor to almost any educator. For example, searching for all presentations tagged with education will bring up around 13,000 results. Most of which are accurately on topic. Algebra brings back almost 500, and American History brings back around 19,000. Granted, not every presentation will be exactly what you were wanting, For example with American History you get everything from American Indians to the History of Blue Jeans, but with some creative searches you are undoubtedly able to find something of what you are looking for and often with an interesting perspective.

But why be a borrower and never the lender when posting your slides could be so useful? Not only will you help other teachers by adding to the resources, you also make a great place for your students to catch up on missed work or extra credit. The possibilities of sharing presentation resources across schools and districts is another great reason to dig into this resource.


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