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Student Blogging:Managing Large Groups or Younger Students

27 November 2007 One Comment

Having a classroom blog set up for students to publish their creativity is an incredible way to generate excitement and quality content. But what about when you have hundreds of students or a group of younger students that aren’t quite ready for writing their own articles? Kate from Wisconsin sent in a excellent tip for dealing with such an occasion(in her case 600+ young students).

Managing 600 young students would be a nightmare when it came time for reading 600 articles or even setting up that many accounts(especially if they don’t have email accounts). To offset this, Kate recommends creating a teacher blog and writing the articles yourself. Students would be required to do the responding. If done correctly there could be many possibilities for teachable moments.

  • How to comment and discuss effectively
  • How to participate in an online community in a safe environment
  • Critical thinking about how your comments match the questions at hand
  • How to respond civilly to criticism.

It’s a thought that a lot of the bad situations occurring on sites like Myspace arise from people not knowing how to safely and effectively work within an online community. Using this model and taking advantage of teachable moments like these would sure seem like a great way to nurture the idea of safe and effective online communication. Thanks Kate!
Thought or suggestions?

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