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Teachers Guide: Setup and Configure A Student Blog in 4 Steps

17 November 2007 9 Comments


Blogging is nothing new to students, but students blogging as a part of class is. It can be a daunting task to any teacher, especially those that aren’t exceptionally tech savvy. To remedy that, we have put together an easy-to-understand guide for setting up a teacher administered student blog. The goal of the tutorial is to guide any teacher through the process of setting up their first blog for students, and steps them through how to gain the most out of security.
This can be an amazing opportunity, and for children who’ve grown up surrounded by broadband, smartphones and social networking, the concept of blogging is probably nothing new to them. By allowing them to express themselves in class the way many of them do at home, it allows for a greater sense of creativity and academic freedom. And with academic freedom comes great learning opportunities and a wonderful link to what your students are thinking. Many blogs hosting services are free, but if you opt to go on your own and host it yourself, you may run into some budgeting concerns with more expensive hosts. To manage this, budgeting software is always available.

Guide Summary

  • Safety precautions
  • Signing up for an edublogs.org blog
  • Helping students sign up with edublogs.org
  • Inviting students to post to the blog
  • Setting students as contributors
  • Configure settings to ensure that everything being published is approved by you

bloggingateachersguide.pdf – You will need Adobe Reader to view this document.

Thanks goes to Sue R. for her help in this guide. Check out her blog.